In 1816 the Vicar General of Upper Canada, Alexander MacDonell, purchased land in Prescott to build a chapel.
Bishop MacDonell also participated in the raid on Ogdensburg, N.Y. in 1813.
The first church built on that land was around the year 1823.
The first pastor of St. Mark Parish was Father Timothy O'Meara who was appointed in 1828. The current church structure was consecrated on October 21, 1888.
The interior was decorated in 1906 by the Panzeroni Brothers.
In 1881 Father John Masterson was appointed to St. Mark Parish and remained until 1921.
During his forty year tenure St. Mark Parish saw much growth and activity such as the construction of the current church, a horse and rig barn (St. Mark Club), interior and exterior refurbishing of the rectory as well as the arrival of the Sisters of Providence who occupied the Crane house.
The Sisters of Providence arrived in 1905 and laboured in the red brick St Mark Catholic School for fifty years until it became overcrowded and too dilapidated to warrant restoration. It was replaced by a more modern school in 1956, St. Mark Catholic School, on Edward Street. Four years later additional class space was required and a second school, St. Joseph Catholic School, was built in McAuley Gardens.
The Sisters were renowned for teaching skills and standards especially in the area of music and had an inspiring presence over the years. Sadly the convent was closed in 1987.
Between the period of 1987 and 2006, the Knights of Columbus Council 5880 was responsible for the former convent, now known as Crane House.
The council made use of the building for their meeting and other community projects.
A grand tribute to the dedication of the Sisters of Providence is evident in the construction of a brand new St. Mark Catholic School in 2009 on the former site of St. Joseph Catholic School.
Stained Glass windows from the old convent have been erected in the new school.

Pastors of St. Mark The Evangelist Parish

Father Timothy O'Meara
1828 - 1831

Father Patrick Foley
1831 - 1832

Father J. W. Campion
1832 - 1843

Father J. Clark (Overlaps with Campion)
1841 - 1843

Father D. Farrelly
1843 - 1844

Father Edmund P. Roche
1844 - 1874

Father J. O'Donnell
1874 - 1881

Monsignor J. Masterson
1881 - 1921

Father J. P. Hartigan
1922 - 1927

Father J. P. Fleming
1927 - 1931

Father Charles J. Mea
1931 - 1943

Father J. H. McDonald
1943 - 1950

Father Martin E. James
1950 - 1958

Father Joseph Shannon
1958 - 1965

Father W. P. Healey
1966 - 1974

Father Peter F. Murphy
1974 - 1983

Monsignor Bernard J. Walsh
1983 - 1998

Father John Appelman
1998 - 2010

Father Brent Brennan
2010 to present

St. Mark History was taken from the book
"The St. Mark Story" by Barbara Seargeant.