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In 1816 the Vicar General of Upper Canada, Alexander MacDonell purchased land in Prescott to build a chapel. Bishop MacDonell also participated in the raid on Ogdensburg, N.Y. in 1813. The first church built on that land was around the year 1823.

The first pastor of St. Mark Parish was Father Timothy O’Meara who was appointed in 1828. The current church structure was consecrated on October 21, 1888.

The interior was decorated in 1906 by the Panzeroni Brothers.

In 1881 Father John Masterson was appointed to St. Mark Parish and remained until 1921. During his forty year tenure St. Mark Parish saw much growth and activity such as the construction of the current church, a horse and rig barn (St. Mark Club), interior and exterior refurbishing of the rectory as well as the arrival of the Sisters of Providence who occupied the Crane house.

The Sisters of Providence arrived in 1905 and laboured in the red brick St Mark Catholic School for fifty years until it became overcrowded and too dilapidated to warrant restoration. It was replaced by a more modern school in 1956, St. Mark Catholic School, on Edward Street. Four years later additional class space was required and a second school, St. Joseph Catholic School, was built in McAuley Gardens.

The Sisters were renowned for teaching skills and standards especially in the area of music and had an inspiring presence over the years. Sadly the convent was closed in 1987.

Between the period of 1987 and 2006, the Knights of Columbus Council 5880 was responsible for the former convent, now known as Crane House. The council made use of the building for their meeting and other community projects.

A grand tribute to the dedication of the Sisters of Providence is evident in the construction of a brand new St. Mark Catholic School in 2009 on the former site of St. Joseph Catholic School. Stained Glass windows from the old convent have been erected in the new school.

PRIESTS of St. Mark, Prescott

  • Father Timothy O’Meara
    1828 – 1831

  • Father Patrick Foley
    1831 – 1832

  • Father J. W. Campion
    1832 – 1843

  • Father J. Clark (Overlaps with Fr. Campion)
    1841 – 1843

  • Father D. Farrelly
    1843 – 1844

  • Father Edmund P. Roche
    1844 – 1874

  • Father J. O’Donnell
    1874 – 1881

  • Monsignor J. Masterson
    1881 – 1921

  • Father J. P. Hartigan
    1922 – 1927

  • Father J. P. Fleming
    1927 – 1931

  • Father Charles J. Mea
    1931 – 1943

  • Father J. H. McDonald
    1943 – 1950

  • Father Martin E. James
    1950 – 1958

  • Father Joseph Shannon
    1958 – 1965

  • Father W. P. Healey
    1966 – 1974

  • Father Peter F. Murphy
    1974 – 1983

  • Monsignor Bernard J. Walsh
    1983 – 1998

  • Father John Appelman
    1998 – 2010

  • Father Brent Brennan
    2010 to present

St. Mark History courtesy of…
“The St. Mark Story”, a book by Barbara Seargeant.


Published Jan. 1 1988

ISBN: 9780969335900


In 1875, through the efforts of Father O’Donnell and Father Masterson of Prescott, Ontario, the present church was constructed on land donated by W. G. Benson of the Canada Starch Company.
Prior to the building of Sacred Heart Church, Parishioners celebrated the Eucharist in Dixon’s Corners. Often the priest from Mariatown, near Morrisburg would travel to Cardinal and would Celebrate the Eucharist in the homes of local parishioners.

Sacred Heart Parish was a Mission Church of St. Mark the Evangelist in Prescott, Ontario for approximately 48 years.

In 1923 Sacred Heart became a separate Parish with Father Gorman as the first parish priest.
Various changes have taken place in the Church over the years.
In 1947, on its 25th Anniversary, the church was redecorated: stained glass windows, new Stations of the Cross, and a pipe organ were installed.

During Father Harold Wiley’s time as parish priest, the pipe organ, which had originally been purchased from St. Mark the Evangelist, was replaced by an electric organ.

In 1995, a new electronic organ was donated by the Procyk family.
The Knights of Columbus have always played a significant role in life of the parish.

In 1962, a Knights of Columbus Council was formed in Cardinal, with Garnet Gilligan as its first Grand Knight.

The Council was affiliated with Kemptville. Prior to 1962, members of the Knights of Columbus from Cardinal were affiliated with Brockville.

Since 1966, the Cardinal Council of the Knights of Columbus have been affilated with the Prescott Council #5880.

As with the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Women’s League played an important part in the life of the parish.

Obviously, the Catholic Women’s League were also a very important early presence in the Parish in Cardinal. Records indicate that the League was re-established in 1949, with Ethel Borman as President.
Currently members of the Catholic Women’s League from Sacred Heart are affiliated with the St. Mark Council in Prescott.

Sacred Heart Parish has seen two of its “native sons” ordained to the priesthood.

In April 1949, John Buckley, son of Timothy and Mary Buckley, was ordained in Kingston, Ontario.
Father Buckley celebrated the Eucharist for the first time in Sacred Heart Parish on April 24th, 1949.

On May 16, 1969, Sacred Heart Parish witnessed its first ordination when Archbishop Wilhelm came from Kingston to ordain Kennneth Stitt, son of Kenneth and Mary Stitt.
Father Stitt also celebrated the Eucharist for the first time in Cardinal.

In 1975, the Parish celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Sacred Heart Church. A parish retreat was held and on June 1, there was a parish dinner at St. Paul Anglican Church Hall.

On March 11, 1984, a Parish Centre, designed by Parishioner Jack Marin, was officially opened.
Archbishop Spence delivered the blessing and Father Raby was the guest speaker.

On September 10, 2000, the Parish celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding as a mission of St. Mark Parish in Prescott.

In 2001, parish meetings were held throughout the Diocese of Kingston to consider the clustering of certain parishes .

In 2002, Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish was clustered with the parish of St. Mark the Evangelist in Prescott.

The Parish Rectory, which had been built during Father Michael Reed’s time, was sold in October 2003.


  • Father Leo Gorman
    1923 – 1925
  • Father Martin James
    1925 – 1950
  • Father Harold Wiley
    1950 – 1963
  • Father J. E. Trainer
    1963 – 1967
  • Father Michael Farrell
    1967 – 1968
  • Father Ray Shannon
    1968 – 1969
  • Father Leo Byrne
    1969 – 1975
  • Father Edward Keyes
    1975 – 1986
  • Father Michael Reed
    1986 – 1992
  • Father William Powell
    1992 – 2002
  • Father John Appelman
    2002 – 2010
  • Father Brent Brennan
    2010 to present

Sacred Heart History courtesy of…
Corrinne Miller.


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